Ten things about now

Have you heard about this simple idea?

It is a simple way to keep track of those sweet memories and cute moments!

I do not remember anymore where I first read about it. I loved the idea right away.

Basically, you just note down ten statements about you, your family or your kids right now. A simple time capsule. Anything you find nice, sweet, worth remembering. The concept of capturing the moment fascinates me.

For a few years now I have tried to note down a few things about our life now. I have a reminder that pops up at the end of each month. I sit down and note ten simple facts about our lives- those sweet things that I am sure I would forget.

I keep my notes in my email and send it to my husband, too. Recently I made an email for my older son and I would send to him, too.

I can only imagine how special it will be when I reread my notes in the future and remember those things, not all positive, for sure, but all precious. And ours.

I also believe it will be a great way to reconnect with my kids when they are bigger.

And in the end, even if I never read my notes again, just the fact that I have written down the way I experience things, capturing my present life in ten simple statements, definitely helps with awareness, clarity, and yes, you guessed right, with gratitude.


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