Learn through DIY books

Kids love DIY books. DIY books look different, feel different and fascinate little hands.

Homemade books.

Tactile books.

Interactive books.

You can make them together. You can write, draw, colour inside.

Waste paper can be recycled and turned into the most beautiful books. The simplest ideas are transformed into art. If your kid likes filling in blank pages, give them just that- blank books of all sizes and textures.

Check 3 super simple DIY book ideas: recycle paper and keep a toddler happy.

Most of my resources could be easily made into booklets.

Practice prepositions of place- use this printable to make your own book. Or explore summer and keep your notes in one place- download here and make your summer books.

I usually print out and just staple the pages together. Or if I laminate the pages first, I use a hole punch and bind them with a string or ribbon.

Recently I found this video with smart easy ideas to bind books and now I am dying to try out these methods.

Check out the video from one of my favourite websites for kids’ art.

All the ideas are easy, simple and beautiful!


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