3 super simple DIY book ideas: recycle paper and keep a toddler happy

Do you hate waste? Papers lying around? A rambling toddler?

Yes. You have got this.

Try these ideas- reuse, recycle paper and keep the cute toddlers busy and happy!

1 . Collect 3 or more big calendar sheets, bind them together to make a giant doodle book.
Let them use crayons, washable markers or make cute handprints and footprints.

2. Cut waste paper into small squares or rectangles, bind together to make a mini book for stamps or stickers. Colourful pages are fascinating for the little ones.

3. Use waste paper to make same-sized sheets. Use tape to attach the sheets together to make one super long sheet. Do harmonica fold. Let them explore:

  1. Let the harmonica stand on the floor.
  2. Let them fold and unfold it.
  3. Let them walk on it. Add numbers to point at or step on. Or draw circles to jump on.
  4. Let them draw long lines and various shapes.
  5. Draw roads on it for their mini cars. Or railway for their trains.

Share your DIY books, please! Love seeing your work!

Have fun!

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