Jo Ebisujima’s simple ideas to connect with your child

10 Amazing Ways To Connect With Your Kids

One of my favourite moms, educators, leaders in business, Jo Ebisujima,

and her 10 easy ways to connect with your kids.

She always offers wise advice and she is an inspiration to me!

My favourite tips are:

The precious moments of connection before bed– these change with age but for us, it has always been our special time. Yes, even if it sometimes involves frustration and irritability. My take on it is that we stay real but I always try to offer more love and acceptance, more gratitude to cover up the stresses of the day.

Music– yes! Sing, sing, sing, hum and move, especially powerful in those hard moments when no one expects you to. This is an absolute favorite for us. My kids seem to accept the terrible singer I am, at least for the time being.

Read all the tips and let me know how you like to connect with your kids!

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