Why we need to share our birth stories

Birth stories have always fascinated me. With their power, with their depth. If we could all share a part of our own journey from pregnancy to birth and into motherhood- our experiences, what we did and how we felt, what we expected, and what lessons we learned- we join this mesmeric sea of light and life where we connect with ourselves and the others.

I choose to share my personal preferences and my beliefs- what feels right to me. My aim is to bring up some questions and encourage You to explore more to find out what feels right in your heart. 

Before I continue, I need you to know that I appreciate you. 

I want to honor you!

I do not know what brought you here. It does not matter if you are a parent or not, with young kids or older kids, trying to conceive, preparing to welcome your children or an empty nester. No matter what your personal situation is, I cherish you, the unique you. Please remember that you are special.

I write my story with the deep conviction that it is just that- one story among many. Your mind and soul, your whole being, your past, and your present are all coming together to create and beautifully evolve into your own imperfectly perfect stories. If you are expecting, invite your beautiful baby to create your story  together.

My opinions and choices are only opinions and choices.

I do not mean to lead you right or left, let alone judge you. My hope is that what you read will help you sieve through and find what is important for you. I encourage you to take a step further and dive in to learn more about what matters to you. May you find your own way and the right answers!

My birth stories are meant as a message of a strong loving embrace for you and your baby.

I want you to feel loved, supported, and accepted, no matter what. This is my prayer for you. Remember you are on your own journey- every step brings you forward and helps you keep learning, loving, healing.

Read my birth stories if you are open-minded, curious, brave, vulnerable, proactive, non-judgemental. If you like birth stories and are open to embracing their uniqueness, keep reading.  

Stop reading now if you expect a sarcastic or super entertaining read or if you believe in short answers and want directives. If you believe there is one way, one method, one right answer, it might be a good idea to turn to other resources.

“Childbirth should be a natural event that occasionally needs medical help, not a medical event that occasionally happens naturally. “ Kemi Johnson, midwife

Ideally, when possible, birth can be natural unguided unmedicated.

That does not mean any other kind of birth is less.

Ideally, during your pregnancy and birth you receive kind gentle care and loving support, and have your wishes heard and respected.

Ideally, we know how to listen to our own body, how to rest in peace and follow the course of nature.

If the circumstances permit, birth can happen with no medical interventions. 

This being said, I am grateful for scientific progress and numerous wonderful medical care providers, for their devotion and perseverance, for their hard work providing the best possible care to parents and babies, despite their own personal and work-related limitations. Taking a deep breath to appreciate the lives saved. I am thankful that babies and parents with the proper help and medical assistance survive life-threatening situations and medical complications to grow and thrive. 

Pregnancy and birth require a lot of preparation.

Physical preparation goes hand in hand with mental preparation. I wish we all get more support to prepare mentally for pregnancy, birth and parenting. Countless times I turn back to explore again and again the big impact my state of mind had on all that happened to me, around me and in me. We are one whole- mind, body and soul.

Learn more from the physician Esther Sternberg who talks about the connection between emotions and physical health: 

As you read my stories, I hope you get reassured that:

Pregnancy and birth stories are unique and rarely happen as planned

No story is better than other, all stories are worthy experiences

Birth stories hold many intense feelings and emotions

They leave deep marks

They reflect us and are us

There is space for each and every story to be shared, heard and embraced.

My first birthing experience

My second birthing experience

My third birthing experience

Why we should share or stories?

Here is the inspiring answer (child loss trigger warning) of the writer Kelly Kittel. She is the author of the book Breathe: A Memoir of Motherhood, Grief, and Family Conflict

Those who know me personally realize how hard it is for me to put myself out there. However, I decided to share my stories because I believe women are amazing, strong, and they need to be heard and respected during pregnancy and preparation of their birth. Allow me to encourage you and support you. It is important that women advocate for themselves during this special yet vulnerable period of pregnancy and preparation for birth.

Share your stories with me! Let me have a glimpse of your thoughts and your world! I am eager to connect and experience your birth through your eyes.

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