Two simple Advent calendars

I know your to-do list is endless. If you want to invest just a little time in making an Advent calendar, check these two very simple ideas. You will love the result- you are making something special for your child!

The first one will take some time, not much, I promise, and you will have a unique calendar!

DIY Advent calendar in 25 bags

You need:

# 24/25 paper bags or envelopes

#art supplies of choice

#string or ribbon

#fillings for each bag- treats, messages, tasks, questions, bible verses, puzzle pieces, etc.

1. Take 24/25 plain paper bags or envelopes. Decorate each one. Older kids may work independently. Doing it together with your children is a nice activity to share precious moments of togetherness.

Try stickers or stamps for younger kids.

Older kids can draw with pencil and younger kids can color the drawings.

Try various supplies and methods for more sensory input- pencils, paint, crayons, brushes, pippetes/droppers, pompons, sprinkles, or make fingerprints pictures.

2. Number from 1 to 24/25

3. Decide where to make holes for the string and make them. Kids usually have fun using the hole punch.

4. Use the holes to attach the bags to the string or try little clips and skip the holes. When hanging the bags put in order or mix them.

5. Fill the bags

6. Choose the right place to hang the calendar- make it easy to access.

Advent under the Christmas tree

When my kid was young, we tried an Advent calendar under the tree. This is a super simple one that you make in minutes once you have the fillings ready.

You will need:

24/25 cupcake wraps/baking cups or wrappers- choose thicker ones. Many cute festive wrappers are available now. A marker or stickers with numbers.

  1. Just number the cups
  2. Fill them in
  3. And put them under the Christmas tree

Here, super simple, as promised. I can already see your precious little one rushing in the morning to get to their calendars. Do you also see their smile shining?

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