When does parenting begin

Your birth story matters

When do you think parenting begins?

When do we start thinking of ourselves as parents?

Does it start with conception? Or earlier? Or after your baby was born?

Science and research can answer some of these. And we all find our own answers. There is so much to read and learn about the world of parenting; so much to look for in our own past and present. I sometimes share some of my own experiences on my parenting journey but I rarely have answers or any wise advice. 

No doubt that we all go through turbulent waters, fight the waves, and survive the storms. We need time to figure out what being a parent means to us. Maybe you agree it is a magical process of series of transformations?

For most of us, it starts before conception. It gets more real after we see the two lines on the stick or whenever you feel light-headed with the sudden flash of joy mixed with fear. Then pregnancy may follow dragging a load of emotions, experiences, new challenges. Our background, circumstances, beliefs, and values are all different and we all deal with our own baggage differently. As we approach the time we meet our children for the first time, we all have different visions of ourselves, our babies, and our future lives. 

Without a doubt, most people are deeply touched and forever changed as their children enter this world. The birthing process turns out to be this multilayer experience that affects everyone involved. 

There are many stories of labor and birth already shared, and many more waiting to be shared. Why do we need to share our birth stories? I chose to share with you my own birthing experiences (first, second, third) neither because I want to give advice, nor because I want to say my decisions were right or my approaches- wise. I chose to share because I want you to know:

You deserve to learn and to grow. Getting properly educated and prepared for labor and beyond opens doors and improves your chances of having more positive experiences ahead of you.

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