Simple drawing activity – faces, expressions, feelings

This is a quick activity for a preschooler:

  1. white paper
  2. a pencil or crayon or ball pen
  3. draw a few faces without the eyes, mouth, nose, hair

Let them fill in the missing parts of each face.

Focus on expressions and encourage discussing the feelings behind.

You can start by filling in your own copy and writing the feelings above or below the face.

You can find a funny name for each face.

You can try to recognize people you know in the faces.

Or talk about various recent situations and link them to the expressions and feelings. (E.g.: when mommy was upset this morning she looked like this. What was mommy feeling? How did it make you feel?)

You can practice writing and let the child write the initial letter only or the whole word of: 1. the names 2. the feelings

Think of other ways to use the faces and share them with me.

Have fun!

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