When parenting gets too much and you need refocusing

READ and REREAD this article by Dr. Laura Markham:

10 easy ways to improve your parenting

Those moments of blunt despair

It is just what it says- 10 easy ways-

You don’t need much time- just take a glance at the concise list and you know right away!

You can even print out a copy and have it at hand for a quick check-in!

Choose 1, 2 or 3 things from the list to focus on right now, this afternoon or this week and you will see immediate results.

Better connection with your kids, better atmosphere at home, better you!!!

Here is what I focus on improving today:

2. Tell my kids what they can do, not what they cannot- CAN CAN CAN

Today they cannot play video games but they can draw, paint, make, listen to music and stories, help me make a game. They can also express their feelings out loud without hurting others.

4. Say yes more often = YES to cooking together, yes to switching the order of their daily tasks.

7. Turn the screen off when my kids are around- Be conscious and proactive!

10. Put myself back on the list- SELF-CARE – I can convince you why and how to take care of yourself but when it comes to me… Today I have a 5-min meditation.

Please inspire me with your thoughts and ideas! What did you find important for you today?

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