What a year! What a day!

Or how special 2019 is

Keep growing!

The only way to go is up!

I feel 2019 is super special for me and it is the first time I am openly excited about new beginnings. Usually, my enormous fears hold me back. But not this time. I choose to acknowledge my fears and let them stay nearby but I do not allow them to lead the parade.


  • Being married to him for 10 years and still happily counting
  • Turned 36. (3,6,9 have always been special numbers for me. I have looked back to realize every big event in my life is related in one way or another to these numbers. )
  • marks 15 years living abroad

2019 is full on beautiful heart-warming events:

  • my younger turning 2, my older graduating from kindergarten and starting elementary school
  • my sister-in-law traditional Japanese wedding- a beautiful exceptional event and a new life on the way
  • my sister visiting yay

Writing all this makes me tremble. With excitement for sure, and of course, a sprinkle of fear, fear of any unfortunate events that will cross my way this year. And the biggest fears of losing a loved one.

Yes, I admit it. Fears are here and they are here to stay.

I stay focused. I believe.

What do you believe in? What keeps you focused? Tell me in the comments, please.

You can find the original song and a Bulgarian translation here.

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