Simple ideas and activities for the school holidays

4 Simple ideas and activities to try during the school holidays

Here the spring holidays are approaching and as I am getting ready, I invite you to come along and try with us these simple easy ideas for enjoyable and stress-free connected moments together with your children! Some of these can be used as assignments for your students.

Plan your day! 💟

I am not talking about having a packed schedule or a strict fixed routine. Rather, keep it light and flexible! Try making an easy-to-follow daily schedule- a simple routine helps us all feel safe, respected, connected. If you set up a routine at home, take some time to consider what you and your kids need.

Include the kids in the decision-making. Offer them 2-3 options to choose from. Make sure that the offered options are ok with you and help you with the boundaries you set. Below is a free simple printable (English, Bulgarian/български) for your daily schedule, that can be used at home with your kids or in class with your students in preparations for the upcoming holidays.

Create bucket lists! 💟

Select fun easy-to-do activities. First, Brainstorm together with your kids. Then, select those that you like best and create your bucket list. Stick your lists to the wall or any place easy to access. Every day pick up one thing to try. You can repeat the activities that your kids love most. Create outdoor and indoor bucket lists or calm and active activities and games lists to simplify things. Find the free template (English, Bulgarian/български) below. 

Choose a fun theme and learn 💟

Ask the kids what they want to learn more about- listen to their answers and choose a theme. Every day try doing something related to the theme. Theme-based learning is a great way to add structure and easy flow to your daily classroom activities and home assignments. These Rainbow-based activities are always a hit in my classroom. Remember to check the free prompts below.

Feelings 💟

The holidays bring more opportunities to work on your kids` emotional intelligence. Remind your kids how important it is for them to be able to recognize and acknowledge their own feelings. Do not forget your role- provide space for their feelings and help them feel heard, understood, and respected. As a teacher, I try to include simple emotional awareness games in my classroom daily routine. Use this free simple feelings activity for creating a daily check-in practice.

Come and share any insights or your tested ideas about making your school holidays happier and smoother! Happy learning!

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