At the airport – info, expectations, coping skills (FILLABLE) PLUS Bonus pack


Prepare your child for the airport:
Discuss worries and expectations; set strategies

Explain procedures and discuss worries. Think of strategies and make a plan what to do in various situations. Use the templates to brainstorm. Adapt to your family’s needs.
Bonus: Try the activities and “I spy” lists. Use the templates to prepare more activities and games you can try. Use the ‘Keep-me-busy Set’ template to prepare a set that meets your child’s interests.
The printables can be filled in and then printed. If you do so, please do remember to first download and save your file.

Travel info template
Tag templates
Airport procedures – list, checklist and “sort it out” activity
What-ifs and solutions
Promises and intentions

Bonus pack:
Activities list
Tiny Hearts keep-me-busy set list
“I spy” sheets
Activities list template
Tiny Hearts keep-me-busy set template


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