Book recommendations for pregnancy and labour

You will find many wonderful books on pregnancy and birth! I believe many of the books you pick up will lead you forward. The drops of wisdom you collect throughout the pages and chapters are like small pebbles that lay your unique path of parenting love!

Here are my recommendations for you:

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The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book by Dr. Maggie Blott

I got gifted this beautiful book for my first pregnancy and it was a cherished present! As the title says, you open it every day and read amazing facts about your precious baby`s growth and development. It touches on many topics, issues, and questions you may have. This book firmly stands by you day after day thus helping you feel reassured and confident growing your baby. It also helped me feel connected to the baby and less anxious overall.

Fearless Birthing: Clear Your Fears For a Positive Birth: A practical guide to a stress-free pregnancy and positive childbirth experience, no matter the outcome

Alexia Leachman`s book is the Book that made a big difference for me. I found Alexia just a few weeks before I was due with my second child. Despite the time limit, I could learn the fear-clearing methods. All the work I did under her guidance was very helpful. My second birthing experience was empowering and liberating.

When I was expecting for the third time, inspired by my second birth, I aimed high. I wanted an even better experience and I was thirsty to learn more. Alexia Leachman published the Fearless Birthing book just a few months after my second child was born. Even without reading the book, I knew that if I did the fear clearing I had done before I would be ok. However, being a fan of Alexia’s work, I just needed to read it! I used it as a guide throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

Alexia teaches women how to identify their fears and how to clear them. The most important part is the mental and emotional preparation we need to do throughout pregnancy. Starting with the different ways to calculate due dates, learning about how hormones work, what the pain cycle is; also introducing various mindset techniques to help you establish emotional stability: introducing the concepts to connect to your body, your soul and to your baby.

Following the steps described in the book I went on digging deeper- I could look back on my previous experiences, analyze and learn from them.

Chapter after chapter I was learning to make peace within by working on issues around freedom, choices, flexibility, letting go, finding calm, and more. The feeling of being fully supported. And as my due date was approaching, this is where I was: “I still have a long way to go, so much more to learn and practice. But I know I am in a place of peace, acceptance, and excitement because I have come so far.”

Read more about my third birthing experience here.

If you read in Bulgarian, I recommend the book below:

Раждане с любов

Раждане с любов от Олга Дукат за мен е енциклипедия- предлага много изчерпателна информация, напътства бъдещи родители, образова вечно интересуващите се. Книга напълно достатъчна за подготовката Ви- с ценна информация и карта за подготовка. В същото време книгата отваря много врати и Ви води към много нови пътеки- за да продължите да търсите нова информация, полезни съвети и най-вече безценна подкрепа и разбиране, под всякаква форма и от разнообразни източници.

Когато преди 8 години се подготвях за раждането на първото си дете, приятелка, също бременна, беше споделила сайт с ужасяващи истории за раждания в България. Истории, които не успях да дочета, които оставиха отпечатъци на ужас и тъга, че често това е нормата.

Четох книгата за първи път, по препоръка на приятелка, като част от подготовката за моето трето раждане. Признавам си, странно бе да чета източник на български. Изпитах голяма радост, че има информация, стремежи и много постижения към позитивно раждане на българска земя.

Земно написана, искрена и докосваща- книга за неземното, за най-голямото богатство и най-специалните моменти. В книгата че откриете и реалните предизвикателства, битките в често обърканото българско ежедневие.

Изключително съм впечатлена, със сигурност след многобройни и нелесни битки със системата, как бавно и славно в България нещата се променят- има дули, акушерки с повече права и надявам се, на свободна практика, предлагащи подкрепата, от която ние, децата ни, семействата ни се нуждаем.

С искрено възхищение от упоритостта и смелостта на Оля! Вдъхновяваща е нейната вяра и отдаденост на кауза, която си струва. Тук и сега, за нас самите, нашите деца, за много поколения напред. Родени с любов, осъзнато търсещи и намиращи.

Искрени благодарности към всички, които смело се борят и избират любовта, човечността, отдадеността и с чисто сърце приемат и подкрепят ближните вместо да нападат, съдят и да се опитват да властват.

Another interesting book that I have been recommended was

Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain

I have read it in Bulgarian (Защо обичта е важна) and it was not an easy read, covers a lot of research on brain development- it is profound, insightful. Read more about it first and see if it is something that you are interested in.

The Happy Birth Book: Your Trusted A-Z of Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Weeks

The Happy Birth Book: Your Trusted A-Z of Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Weeks

I loved this easy read as it offers a lot of useful information and mentions great resources. Sweet, clear, concise, to-the-point. The book is written in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. What is more, it does not overwhelm and provides space to further explore the topics you find interesting.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby

Secrets of the baby Whisperer is easy to read, easy to go back to and look things up.
Great advice, easy to implement, gentle approach, respectful to the baby and the whole family.
Practical, positive, encouraging, supportive.

The Bottom line for baby

It is worth mentioning here Dr. Tina Payne Bryson`s latest book The Bottom line for baby. Even though I have not read it yet, it is hig on my reading list. Dr. Bryson is an internationally recognized psychotherapist and author and I have followed her work for years now. In her book she presents reliable research on common concerns about baby- and toddler-care to help us with our parenting decisions- a good way to get more support on your parenting journey.

Happy reading, happy birthing! Remember one thing: you are amazing just as you are!

This post contains affiliate links.

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