Motherhood inspirational #2

Your own guilt. My own guilt- make me shiver, makes my voice tremble or more often, leaves me speechless. Feeling helpless, weak and lost, all because of my own inner voice whispering in my ear:

You know nothing. You are good for nothing. You should have said/done this instead of that. You should have researched more. You should have done more. You should be able to react in a better way. You should be more. You are not enough. You are failing who you love most. Your own children. You do not deserve your children.

You should care more. You should care less. You should be kinder. You should have known better.

Never ending. Is it only me hearing the voice? I bet I am not the only one.

Guilt comes and swipes away all the positives. Mistakes, regrets, lessons learned too late, all come under the spotlight.

I am slowly learning to mute my guilt. To turn it into a strong desire to keep growing and learning instead. To embrace mistakes because they are the opportunities to learn.

What is your mantra to keep your guilt at bay?

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