March is here

Morning, everyone! Time flies, the days are long, the years are short. March 2019 is here! March is a special month in our family, with two birthdays. And in Japan it is graduation time, the month of many endings and closings. This year is extra special- we have kindergarten graduation coming up. Bags full of emotions. Time to focus on gratitude. How do you feel about March and the spring?

As I type this, I hear yoohoo -the kids are enjoying the echo in the mountains. Then I remember, the kindergarten is spending the day in the park nearby. Kids from 3 to 6 are mixed in groups, the older need to take care of the younger kids, and they do fun activities and games around the park. The last time my older son takes part in the event, he is graduating kindy and starting school in a month.

I go out on the balcony, I see the kids running, their red hats jumping up and down, I wave even though they cannot see me. I draw a big heart in the air and send it to them. I am so grateful they are having this moment-freedom, pure happiness, shared love and laughter.

Right now I am so grateful the kids are growing happy and free. Peace.

I wish I could make sure all the kids on this world live in peace.

Freeing my emotions.

Letting them fly in the air.

Staying in the discomfort of my feelings.

Now I can feel the love.

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