Download the free cards- Christmas alphabet and try 6 fun games

6 Fun games to play with these letter cards – Christmas alphabet f-r-e-e printable:

First, 🖨 print the cards and ✂️cut them out. You can laminate them, if you wish.

1️⃣ Go on a card hunt

Hide the cards around the room/in the garden. Play a Christmas song and let the child 🔍find as many cards as they can. Once they are done, let them find things around starting with the letters.

2️⃣ Card games

Mix the cards, share the cards and take turns to choose a card from the cards the other person holds, recognize the letter, name a thing or bring something starting with the letter. Or spell or write a word. Use a whiteboard.

3️⃣ Names

Choose a letter, say a name of a person you know, say the name loud/whisper it/shout it out loud/ use your funny voice, etc.

4️⃣ Arrange the cards in alphabetical order

Arrange the cards together. Use a timer to play a race game. Let your child close their eyes. Take away some of the letters. Let your child put the letters back in place.

5️⃣ Guess the letter

One player puts a card on their forehead and tries to guess the letter; the other player needs to give hints (something that starts with this letter/ you can find the letter in your name etc)

6️⃣ Christmas hunt

Find a word related to Christmas that begins with a letter you choose (write it down on a whiteboard).

📣Bonus games

Print the copy twice to make identical cards:
✅ Turn the cards with the letters facing down and play a memory game.
✅ For younger kids – mix the cards and let them match the letters
✅ Prepare two baskets or boxes and let the child collect different letters in each box so that in the end they have two sets of the alphabet. Put the letters in alphabetical order.

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