Affirmations – turn the fear of making parenting mistakes into growth

I google Fear of parenting mistakes. Here it comes:

Fear-based parenting mistakes, parenting mistakes you cannot make, top ten parenting mistakes etc.

It is terrifying. It is fear-endorsing. It is negative and paralyzing.

For somebody like me, always having fears and always running away of fears and challenges, it is enough to read these and get trapped in my own insecurities without a way out.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

I came to share a simple thought-

I know why I am terrified of making parenting mistakes.

Because there is no way to turn back time and easily fix it. The stake is big – your child`s heart, their emotions and feelings.

I know, it is scary.

Here is a ladder you can climb though or a few straws to hold onto:

  1. You are doing your best. You did your best. Next time you will do better.
  2. You cannot turn back time, but you can apologize – being honest, vulnerable, humble teaches important lessons. You are a role model.
  3. There is no perfect parent, no perfect kids. We all grow to be imperfect. We are raising imperfect and gracious children, accepting and forgiving.
  4. You make mistakes. You apologize, we learn along with our kids. We model forgiveness, self-forgiveness.
  5. We are love. Our kids are love. We can handle this.

I would love to hear your comments and opinions. Add your straw, your ladder step!


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