8 Simple rainbow activities to try at home or in class

When it rains, look for rainbows!

Teach your kids to look for rainbows, try some of the suggestions below and plan easy fun activities at home or in class. I have added some of my favourite resources to make your preparation process even easier and faster.

To download the PDF version with active links, click here.

Adjust the activities to fit your teaching schedule. Make beautiful artworks for your classroom, have fun singing and cooking.

Adjust the activities to meet your students and your own kids’ needs, follow their interests and encourage their curiosity.

This one from momjunction.com is cute.
This rainbow color sheet is good for recognising colour words.

You can download these strips from Miss Johnston’s Journey.
Get the free pack Learn about colours and connect to your child https://learnconnectgrow.download/get-your-free-printable/

Find the links below:

 1. Top 10 rainbow preschool songs from Preschool Powol Packets

2. Mothers Goose Club’s song Rainbow Rainbow

3. Ten preschool songs about colors from Teaching Mama 4. 30 Preschool Colour Action Songs, Finger Plays & Rhymes from Childhood101

Yummy and healthy! Who can resist! And even the picky eaters find some fruits they like and can tolerate a few bites. It is also a great opportunity to discuss textures, flavors, shapes.

I have tried this in class and at home- all the kids were mesmerised and excited. They can help arrange the candies, which is a great concentration training.

It is also nice to make small flours of four or five candies of the same colour and pour some water around.

Remember these games and use them as brain breakers. I always choose to go outside if I can- more movement, more space to learn and have fun.

Get inspired here! My kids love any hand-print activities and even though it is messy and a little stressful for me, I sometimes take the courage and just go for it. We have made decorations, cards, animals, shapes. Sometimes they do hand and foot prints on newspapers and wastepaper. (I always use a big floor mat to protect the floors or we work on the balcony or in the park).

My Emotions thermometer- see the suggestions: 

1 from Diana Antonacci

2 from AllDayABA

3 from Speech and Language Kids

4 from Julie’s Holding Hope Services Store

Emotions Color Wheel from Do2Learn (see here)


Easy and fun!

Let me know what your favourite activity is! Try it and share your pictures!

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