Tune in with your children this Christmas – Stay connected and choose love!

Try the Christmas bundle with your kids or students!

Enjoy the free Christmas letter cards!

1. Find your inspiration in 3 Christmas quotes

2. 24 Questions to connect with your child

Do you smell Christmas?🥨
What does it smell like? Is it a smell from your childhood?
What is your child’s favourite Christmas flavor?🎄
Are you ready for the Christmas questions that will bring you closer to your little ones?
Your kids love asking questions? No problem, let them ask you!💌

You get:

A poster with the questions to laminate or to pin to the fridge

A list of the questions with extra space for easy cutting

Cards to play games or add to the Advent calendar

Коледен пакет – За по-топла Коледа, по-близо до сърцата на децата

Christmas bundle- Advent tune-in

2. Letter to Santa Claus

Do not forget about your letter to Santa – make it a little more special this year. Discuss giving and receiving🎁, practice self-awareness🎨.

💌 Letter to Santa Claus

💌Писмо до дядо Коледа

3. Bonus- vocabulary cards to make silly Christmas sentences

Play when you have a few minutes- on a lazy weekend morning, before going to bed or use the game to make the activity transitions go smoother. This easy quick game helps with connection, invites silliness in, lighten up the atmophere. Your kids are more likely to listen to your requests and go along with the change of activities.

4. There is even more! Free Christmas alphabet – letter cards

Letters on Christmas background
Use these versatile cards to play letter games at home, at schools or Christmas parties.
Here is the Bulgarian version of the cards.

Enjoy! Look into each other’s eyes, share smiles!

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