Your Family’s Connected Christmas 2018

Your Family’s Connected Christmas 2018

8 activities 8 meaningful ways to connect with your child this Christmas

  1. DIY Advent Calendar

Super simple:
♥24 paper bags
♥Write down the numbers yourself or ask your kids to number the bags – what about using cute number stickers or using masking tape to make the numbers?
♥Decorate or let your kids decorate – draw or paint, use stickers or stamps, finger paint- have fun!
♥Use a box or a basket to collect the bags or use clips to hang them on a string or hang them directly on your Christmas tree
♥Secretly fill in the bags with goodies and/or messages

Here you go!

The magic of making things together!

Do not forget to show me what you made!

2. Silly Christmas Sentences😋

🎄You need a few Christmas-related words of each category – articles, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases. You take turns and choose one word of each category to make your silly Christmas sentence. It is always a hit with the kids!😁

This year I have found a nice f-r-e-e Silly Christmas Sentences resource on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is the link:

Silly Christmas Sentences

3. Advent tune-in: 24 Questions to connect with your child

24 въпроса до Коледа (Bulgarian language)

Do you smell Christmas?🥨
What does it smell like? Is it a smell from your childhood?
What is your child’s favourite Christmas flavor?🎄
Are you ready for the Christmas questions that will bring you closer to your little ones?
Your kids love asking questions? No problem, let them ask you!💌

Advent tune-in – 24 Questions to connect with your child

FREE Advent tune-in – 24 въпроса до Коледа (Bulgarian language)

4. 💟Craft time – Easy Christmas bookmark ideas for kids from Red Ted Art!
These are super cute! Show me what you made!🎅

Red Ted Art Christmas Bookmark ideas

5. Do not forget about your letter to Santa – make it a

little more special this year. Discuss giving and receiving🎁, practice self-awareness🎨.

💌Fillable Letter to Santa Claus

FREE Fillable Letter to Santa Claus

💌Писмо до дядо Коледа

Писмо до дядо Коледа

6. Say Cheese!!! DIY Christmas Photo Booth 🎞- photo props printables from Red

Ted Art!
Print, cut out and play!👍
Super fun! Kids love these!🙌

Red Ted Art photo props printables

7. 👌Nativity Finger Puppets from Craftaholics Anonymus

Easy and cute! Finger puppets are a favourite around here.💝
Good for kids who like coloring.

Nativity Finger Puppets

8. Christmas tree decoration – Personilized Snowman – from Heron Kids Tokyo

Heron Kids Tokyo Christmas tree ornament – see video here

Enjoy these free Christmas resources!

Have fun with your family – connect and celebrate!

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