Walking water experiment- worth a try!

This is great for a summer project or as a class activity. An owesome experiment to learn about capillary action and colour mixing.

You need to plan some time for it- to prepare, to make it, to observe and note the changes.

Prepare 6 cups or jars, food coloring, kitchen towels, water

Make sure you take pictures and talk about what is happening. In the end, you can use the water and the colored papers to make some crafts.

The beginning

It is super easy, very cool- inspiring and beautiful.

Young learners:

  • learn about the colors, start simple
  • practise colour names
  • talk about mixing colours
  • practice pronunciation and spelling

Get your free printable LEARN THE COLOURS here.

For school-aged kids:

  • ask more questions and discuss in groups
  • talk about what is happening, why
  • learn about capillary action
After a few hours

This project can be done as a part of rainbow activities series.

For more RAINBOW activities, check here.

We left it overnight and compared the colour density
Keep observing! This is after 24 hours.
Let the paper towels dry and use them for crafts. We made paper flowers.

For detailed instructions and more tips check below:

Shower me with your photos of walking water experiments.

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