My precious hands help me understand what I like and dislike



This printable I created to support a few activities I do with my own kids at home and with my students in class when we talk about likes and dislikes, when we try to better understand our feelings and when we have a hard time transitioning.
The printables help with hands-on learning activities and include writing practice.

This printable set includes 13 worksheets:

1. Happy and sad face
2. My happy and sad face- draw and write7.
3. Left and right hand
4. The parts of your hands
5. The parts of your hands-learn and write
6. My right hand
7. My left hand
8. 5 Likes and 5 dislikes
9. 5 Things that make me happy/sad
10. 5 Things that make me angry/shy
11. Indoor fun x 5, outdoor fun x 5
12. 5 Things I like or do not like to eat
13. 5 Likes and 5 dislikes- blank boxes


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